About us

Automotive Culture


Area X is an Automotive brand geared to showcase the best of the best in custom and new automobiles.

Area X created a platform through our online magazine (downloadable free), social media platforms, and website to showcase passionate automobiles, hard-working, disciplined, and creative talented individuals/groups.

The long-term vision is to partner up with any motoring company, corporate entity, and organization. Exhibiting their brand/s at any of our events happening throughout the year.

As a brand, Area X not only caters to the stance enthusiasts but to all automotive enthusiasts. Entertaining the audience, followers, and X friends a different experience, expectations, and good vibes with each event.

Area X Achievements

Milestones we have Reached!

Every achievement is measured through progress created in reaching a target.

Tue 13 June 2017
Area X was founded

It all started with an Idea while a team of guys preparing for a local show. In the momentum of touching up, painting, and polishing a seed got planted. Area X was created.

Thu Nov 12 2020
Park & Meet

In November 2020, a Park & Meet was launched as Area X's first-ever gathering. More than 50 cars attended the Park & Meet.

Sat May 01 2021
First Annual Auto Festival

1st of MAY 2021, saw the earmark of the Area X Auto Festival. An event that will commence annually in different areas of the country.

Thu Nov 22 2021
Park & Meet

Park & Meet saw it's second meet up. Woermannbrock Hyper, Khomasdal, Windhoek hosted. More than 50 cars attended.

Sat Oct 30 2021
First Stance Off Event

The Stance Off - Windhoek launched on October 2021, whereby three main winners walked away winning an Award and Vouchers by EAS.

Sat Apr 23 2022
Battle Off Sound

The Battle off Sound was hosted in Okahandja. Dedicated to sound off, stance awards where awarded. Sound Off winners walked away with cash prizes worth N$3000.

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