Battle Off Series

Limbo, Fixa, Coiled, Bagged

The Battle Off series was launched with the Battle off Sound, where participants won their respective awards in their categories. The series now continues with the Battle off Lows, where the event will see participants across the country compete for the lowest auto at an X event.

The categories for the Battle off Lows are as follows:

  • Limbo – Class A (Flat Roof), Class B (Round Roof)
  • Fixa (Springs)
  • Coiled (Coilovers)
  • Bagged (Airbag Setup)
  • Best Tuck
  • Best Poke

All participants can get their tickets at Webtickets or any Pick 'n Pay, before or on the 1st of June 2022. Limited tickets are available and no participant tickets are sold at the gates, due date 1 June 2022.

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