Due to the restrictions of the Pandemic, Area X will be adherence to the National regulations. Participants will keep a safe distance and adhere to the regulations and to minimize the spread further. Limited slots are available for participants, as we like to keep gatherings as small as possible. Wearing a mask to any fixture is mandatory, and participants will not compete if not adherent to it.


Updated changes to the tournament!

The Tour ya Stance tournament will host 300 participants, for four weekends. All participants will be placed in a draw. +- 40 participants will fixture in a weekend and all participants will enter a poll where the public will vote their favorite auto to advance to the finals. Out of the +- 40 participants, only 5 participants with the most votes will advance the group to the finals.

The tour will see one big change, whereby all participants drawn into the competition, will be required to travel based on their fixture for the weekend. The competition will take place in 5 towns, namely Windhoek, Okahandja, Rehoboth, Swakopmund, and Walvis Bay.

Participants, not showing at their slotted time and fixture will forfeit as a loss. Participants have to make any changes, arrangements to postpone, move or forfeit their fixtures, five (5) days before the date of the Park Off. Late upon notice is allowed up to 20 minutes, after that, a participant forfeits.

So how will it work?

Easy the draw will tell you which weekend you will feature and then you join the other on the day. We will be taking footage there at the park off. We will upload it, and then public votes for the 5 that advance to the finals.

You will gain more votes by sharing with your friends or followers to stand a chance to walk away with a cash prize.


Registrations will open on the 1st of August 2021, closing date is on the 25th of September 2021.  An admission fee of N$200.00 for the tour is compulsory and payments of admission can be done through our tickets partner, WebTicket Namibia. 300 spots up for grabs to stand a

NB: Upon registration, your ticket barcode will be required to complete your registration. Therefore we recommend you buy your ticket/s before registering.  All participants must register online, on the Area X website and enter the barcode from the ticket.

NB: All welcome, to register!


All fixtures will be announced after registrations are closed as a draw will determine the opponents that will park off against each other. Participants are drawn to identify which group they will be part of. 

Each participant will face their opponents on the selected weekend of the fixture list based on who else is drawn. 

How does it work?
Tour ya Stance changed the tour to fit in more participants. How this will work is through four groups of four weekends, participants will be eliminated by the least votes.

The draw is made to determine the fixtures of weekends, dates, and breaks, and locations.

Only five participants from each group advance to the final stages and await their opponents of the other groups. After the first round, 20 participants will remain as they will feature in the final round.

Fixtures will take place in the following locations/towns: Windhoek, Rehoboth, Okahandja, Swakopmund, and Walvis Bay.

Only ONE WINNER!, Ladies Winner!


Judging of the competition will be fair and just. Fair competition is our goal, therefore we have opted to have Voting Polls to determine the winner of Tour ya Stance.

With four weekends of fixtures, Area X is reaching out to fans, enthusiasts, and friends to vote for their favorite auto, as only five advances after every fixture/weekend.

Voting lines will open for a week and closed after. All votes will be calculated to determine the five winners that advance to the final stage.

The Voting Poll allows for the public to vote their best auto to feature in the finals and walk away with the ultimate prize of N$10 000,00 and the best lady of the tour with N$5 000,00.

Participants will have to ensure the following guidelines are adhered to:

– Auto must be roadworthy
– Auto has to drive to the location
– Auto must be presented clean


There is only one Winner, walking away with a cash prize of N$10 000,00 and a Gift voucher worth N$2000.00. The Best Female walks away with N$5 000,00. All prices are, cash prizes with vouchers from auto sponsors, and Golden Ticket pass for a future event/show. The main winner will walk away with his/her prizes and a Tour ya Stance Trophy.

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